Heading Down for a Winter Trip

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Finally pulling the trigger for our first winter trip. We’ll be on the lake Saturday and Sunday near Bullfrog. Been scouring videos and old angler corners reports but would appreciate any direction and advice. General idea is to try and find some schools close but default could be trolling the backs of canyons north and maybe try finding some in there.

Can’t wait to get out and try something new, I just hope we don’t fall on our face with our attempt. Keeping expectations low.

I will know more tomorrow. The sun is finally breaking though the clouds this afternoon and so its time to go fishing. We will head uplake this time and see if stripers are still holding at the 70-100 foot depth towards the backs of canyons.

Preston - Do you have a 1.5 or 2 ounce spoon? You need to get one so when you see a deep school you have some method of getting down to them. I will chime in once more before you go, but it will be all about spoons and depth.

There is a deep hole in front of the haystacks as you leave Bullfrog Bay headed uplake. Generally, stripers are holding in the back of Halls Creek at 70-100.

You can fish for smallmouth down about 40 feet with plastic grubs.
We fished BF Bay a couple weeks ago for stripers. We spent a lot of time searching in deeper water and around shad schools, with no luck at all. The last day of the trip we decided to search in shallow water and I’ll be darned if that’s where they were holding up. We just followed the contour lines on the gps in 20 to 35 feet of water and we stayed on them all day. The funny thing is we never seen any shad on the graph at those depths. Good luck!
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WE are thinking of making a trip down sometime in the next month or so. I am wondering if it would be worth it for the bass from shore, either in Stanton or drive up the Blue Notch road? Any thoughts?
You will be able to catch bass as soon as the lake water starts to warm. Its 47F degrees now on the surface. Watch for the temperature to climb to 50 or better. Bass are deeper this year but you can find shore access that lets you cast out to 40 foot deep structure. Stanton is an easier drive but either location has some potential.
Day one results, lost one while retrieving trolling (back of bullfrog in 20’ water) and landed one trolling in moki. Tried spooning in a couple different areas around the north houseboat field with no success. We suck and will try again tomorrow.
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