Favorite LP Pics 2020

Desert Dory

You look indepentantly wealthy...bad to the bone picture.
Lol... Thank you. That's funny.

While I do consider myself to be VERY wealthy it's just not in the monetary sense.

A great, healthy, fulfillng life with my beautiful bride of 34 years (today actually). Two awesome, adult kids, one of whom just got back from his first deployment at 2am yesterday morning. And great friends to spend time with and to share life with (one of which is in the pic you referenced) and a loving God.

Wealthy indeed.

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Desert Dory

Even cooler to stand under it. The largest one was maybe 6 feet across. Just had to trust it wasn’t going to move...
Boy, that just creeps me out.

It's like staying in/adjacent to some of those alcoves. I look at the giant rock piles in there and think to myself "Man, those rocks didn't just grow out of the ground". CREEPY!!!