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  1. wayne gustaveson

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    I wrote a book about my life and the history of Lake Powell. It became available for sale in 2015. Most of the regular members bought a book to read, to store on the houseboat, or to give to friends and neighbors in 2016. I still have some books and would be glad to send you one in 2017 or to meet you when you come to the lake.

    Just send me an email ( waynegustaveson@utah.gov ) and I can send one to your address or it may be possible to meet you when you come to the southern part of the lake. Taking a book to the northern part of the lake is a bit more complicated but it could happen.

    Cost of the 161 page paperback book is $20. That includes postage if sent by mail.

    It was fun to write the book but a lot more fun to deduct fishing expenses from my income taxes this year. I am considering the subject of my next book now. Thanks for reading Wayneswords

  2. Watty33

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    It's a great read and having the chance to pick Wayne's brain one on one is highly recommended!

    Haven't had time to use the drop shot since the single tail grubs did the trick last year, Wayne. Looking like Senkos and brush for this year - fingers crossed.

  3. Meatwagon

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    I picked up a copy at Sticks in Page last Monday when I got to town, and I looking forward to reading it during the off season.
  4. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    If any of you would like a signed copy just let me know here or by email (Waynegustaveson@utah.gov) and I will send you one. Thanks for being part of the army of anglers that helps save shad and keep Lake Powell fisheries in balance.
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