Waynes Birthday and Fishing Party

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Some may not read the announcement page so you may have missed the invitation to my birthday and fishing party. If you have seen this then go on to the next report.

Here is a little background. My wife cooked this up with my boss Richard Hepworth. I was going to stay very quiet about having another birthday. So they planned a big event without my approval. I am OK with that. I hope to see many of the old friends and make some new acquaintances. Thanks in advance:


*Press Release*
For immediate release

Wayne Gustaveson’s 70th Birthday Bash

Striper Showdown Fishing Event

Come show Wayne the stripers you caught, discuss technique, wish him a happy birthday and possibly win a prize.

When: April 1st, 2017
Waters: Lake Powell
Start: First Light
Fish weigh in: Wahweap fish cleaning station from Noon to 4pm
Fastest Fish Fillet Contest: 4:15pm (Can you beat Wayne?)
Program and Cake 4:30pm

This is a casual, for fun, striper fishing event with small (non cash) prizes. It’s a celebration of Wayne Gustaveson, his birthday and his service to Lake Powell, Page and the fishing community. It is an opportunity to enjoy the Striper fishery at Lake Powell.

-Everyone is invited to participate
-No registration required and no fee’s required
-No official blast off; Start any time after safe light
-All fish remain the property of fisherman, please clean and dispose of fish properly
-Scouting and practice fishing before the event highly encouraged.
-Must abide by all National Park guidelines and all State of Utah fishing regulations
-There is a fee to enter the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
-Every fisherman must have a current fishing license
-Leave the Lake, picnic area, and fish cleaning station in better condition than you found it.

-Non- fishers and well-wishers welcome! Come wish Wayne a happy 70th birthday.

Bio: Wayne Gustaveson moved to Page/Lake Powell in 1975. Over the past 40 years he has worked as the project leader for Utah Department of Wildlife Resources and been an active member of the community. He has written a weekly fish report for decades for Lake Powell Communications, the Lake Powell Chronicle, the Utah DWR website and wayneswords.com. Wayne’s website, wayneswords.com, has been providing fishing and other information about Lake Powell for over 15 years and has a world-wide following. In 2015 he published a book, My Lake, My Life, about his experience at and expertise of Lake Powell and the fishery within. He is married to Charlene and raised 5 children in Page, AZ. He will be turning 70 on April 3, 2017.

For more Information contact:

[email protected]

Richard Hepworth, Utah DWR (435) 691-2205

Brian Gustaveson (808) 779-6981
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I appreciate you -WG
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Adam Eakle will be coming down to record the fishing experience and interview Wayne on how to get "old"? You might get on TV if you come down to the fishing event. He works for KSL channel 5 out of Salt Lake City.

Adam has Pneumonia and will not be coming -WG
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Happy Birthday Wayne May your days be full of FISH ON all day long.

Thanks - WG
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My wife, (the event planner) gave me two responsibilities: weather and catch rate.

Original forecast was for 30% rain. That has changed now to better weather forecast so I am working towards a perfect day.

I will fix the catch rate potential next week. If we can pull in 5 fish per hour its a very good day.
Is there going to be a remote / skype weigh in from Bullfrog??
We’ll be fishing GHB 29th - 3rd out of Bullfrog.
Wish there were a quick route to Wahweap & we would be there................
Happy Birthday Wayne

Gregg - Yellow Weldjet
Dennis - White Duckworth
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Wayne; Happy Birthday, 70 does not sound so old now as it once did? Thank you for all you do and may 90 find you still catching "the cow of Powell”.

I find a lot of kids but the big moms are quite elusive- WG
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Wayne, have a great birthday. We won't be able to make it down south for the party. Catch the cow of your dreams for your birthday. Squirrel & Goldie

We will miss you - thanks for the kind thoughts - WG
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Happy 70 Wayne!!! hope u catch that 20 lb'r! It is our 49th Anniversary on the 1st - but will not be down - my Dad's funeral. Scubatim & Better 1/2!!:)
Happy 70 Wayne!!! hope u catch that 20 lb'r! It is our 49th Anniversary on the 1st - but will not be down - my Dad's funeral. Scubatim & Better 1/2!!:)

Congratulations on the anniversary and my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dad. March 18th was our 49 anniversary as well.
Sorry I can't make it, enjoy the day, friends and family.

You would live the bite from suspended plankton-eating stripers going on now. WG

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We are fortunate to have planned a trip there and will be able to make it to the celebration. Looking forward to meeting you for the first time Wayne. I've fished next to you a couple times, and followed this site for years. I just hope the weather cooperates this weekend. I drove down today from Salt Lake and it felt like I was fighting 40mph head winds the entire way. In Page, it was confirmed as I was barely able to stand upright in the sand storm. Lets see what tomorrow brings...might be touring the dam with the kids if it doesn't calm down. We'll see you on Saturday.

Weathers better for tomorrow - See you then. WG
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happy birthday Wayne. We decided to cancel -- just didn't think towing the boat through the snow (4" this morning, and snowing like crazy!) was a good idea. I'll make sure Richard brings a couple sleds in case of inclement weather!

This just means we'll have to come down in another week or two!
Happy Birthday Wayne! Next time try to be born when the weather is better!

Will do! WG
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Happy Birthday, Wayne! I had tentatively planned on being there, but life got in the way. I'm sure I'll see you soon :cool:
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