Trout caught perhaps??

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Dr J

We were in main Rock Creek with the houseboat last week. I caught what I think is a trout. Surprised to see this one. Can anyone confirm this fish? So let with a line through the middle of the body.


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I would go with whatever @wayne gustaveson says, but my thought is that it is a rainbow.

In all my time at Powell, we have only caught one rainbow. It was bigger than the one pictured, but had the same washed out color.

And @greg sr , why would you say that "pink meat means kokanee"? I have caught many, many trout that have bright pink meat. Those are the best eating of trout in my opinion.
Certainly looks like a rainbow to me. My understanding is that the rather orange/red meat is due to their diet. When you catch hatchery trout they are usually off white but those in the wild a couple of weeks turn that orange/red color. I am sure that Wayne can clear that up. They certainly taste better to me.
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Rainbow. They are often chrome bright without spots out of lakes. The flesh colors just reflects their diet, a lot of hatcheries add kerotene to the diet to give the flesh that orange color nowadays.....
Thanks for your support but when it comes to trout I am not a true expert. I know trout that we see occasionally in Lake Powell tend to loose a lot of the color they have in streams and shallow lakes. The silver sides and limited spots make this fish appears as most all trout do in Lake Powell. Just looking at the picture I say it is a rainbow.
Don't think it was rainbow to this was all silver and no spots or color at all.
It's a rainbow.. Kokanee would have a forked tail and no spots at all. Here's a couple Kokanee pics.


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It's a rainbow. The spots on the tail confirm that it's not a brown. (browns can be silvery too!) It's not a salmon. Salmon, landlocked or otherwise have a distinct head shape, (more refined, pointy nose) and even though the head shape is not used as an id reference, I have drawn enough trout and salmon to know the difference. Further, Kokanee have barely visible spots and usually only on the upper caudal fin. Landlocked coho have spots on only the upper caudal as well. King salmon (landlocked or otherwise) have spots on both upper and lower caudal but your's is clearly not a king salmon since there aren't likely to be any in contiguous water. BTW, a good mnemonic for identification of King Salmon vs. Coho for ocean fishermen is "King of Spots" for king salmon as they have the most spots on their tail, both upper and lower.....
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Rainbow and yes as stated color of meat is based on diet. Rare to see a trout and especially catch one in Powell but it seems to happen every so often.

What did you catch it on?
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