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Got a question-
I have an open 16 ft jon boat that has never been on Powell. I only use it to go to Kanab to fish Jackson Flat Res. Haven't gone in several months but now with the new check stations I wonder how they will handle me coming from Page to Kanab in a boat that never goes on Powell (can't get a seal if I don't go in there and I don't want to pay a fee for the lake to go in to get a seal because that boat never goes there).
Anyone got any ideas?

John P Funk

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They don't write tickets for not having a seal. Tickets will be written for transporting a boat with the plug in, or with standing water in the vessel(I believe the inspector said 1/2 cup, but he preferred not to see any water. He had us remove the water held in the wheel of our spare tire mounted on the trailer). The seal is applied upon inspection during regular hours, anyone who pulls their boat after hours would get a ticket if it were about the seal.


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The have tablets at the in inspection stations now, no more paper. So if you were to remove the seal they would know.


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They keep records of the boats they inspect so if that boat goes to another body of water they can tell when it was on powell by the hull number. If you don't go on Powell it won't mater and you should be good to go.