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Striper lures


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I've had good luck with the cabelas walleye diver as well, but the hooks are garbage. I change them out before use as I have had a number break.

I do the same, VMC saltwater 4X strong hooks go on all my Lake Powell lures. They will also start running funny after catching like a 50 fish, but I have had days where they out fish everything in the box. They are frequently on sale for dirt cheap....I have a lot of them ;) I need to learn how to tune lures to run straight one of these days.......
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I just thought I’d add to the lures list with a couple top shelf spoon/jigs in the packaging as well as out. Beauties 5B92671F-6A7F-4A8A-A50A-6BF18911C47F.jpegF859654E-CE15-4FA8-A155-3290AC2E7CDF.jpeg


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I see some mention of bucktail jigs being used for stripers. Just wonder if large bucktails(3/4 oz) or larger are used in trolling are just jigging? Larger weights should get to the desired depth while trolling.