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    Lake Powell Striper Lure List

    Surface Lures – Boils
    [​IMG]Rebel Jumpin Minnow, t-2000, 4.5 inches, Waynes favorite heavy long casting surface lure. Recommmended Colors: black-back (pictured) blue back, and bone.

    [​IMG]LC Sammy

    best all around surface lure but very expensive.

    100 is 4 inches long

    128 is 5 inches long

    3" Rebel Magnum Pop-R in chrome[​IMG] with blue black.

    [​IMG]Heddon Super Spook JR (3.5 in) in bone and clear Super spook (Zara Spook) 5 inch. Old standard long casting, dog-walking, surface lure. Jr model very good for bass as well.

    Medium running casting or trolling

    Lucky Craft
    [​IMG]Pointer (78 – 3 inch long dives to 5 feet unless it’s a deep diver (78DD) which means it will go to 8 feet. )

    Casting and Shallow Trolling
    Pointer 100 DD – (4 inch lure dives to 8 feet)

    LV 500 max ¾ ounce. Waynes favorite lipless crankbait (LV)[​IMG]

    -Color Aurora Black

    [​IMG] Shad Rap (SR9) Color- shad or silver/ black; bleeding olive. (I really like the red bill when fishing is slow)

    Rapala X Rap minnow in silver/ blue or silver/ black. XR10[​IMG]


    Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad - Chrome black

    Trolling and Casting

    [​IMG]Hyper Striper - 1.5 ounce -Can be used on leaded line, with or without single tail trailer like a

    Walleye Assassin [​IMG]

    Or Yamamoto D-Shad[​IMG]

    Deep Trolling

    [​IMG]Bomber-Saltwater- Grade-A Salt-CD-Certified-Depth-Minnows/6 " 2oz lure in Bonita and Holo Dorado Dives to 30 feet.

    Yo-zuri salt water, 30' deep runner's, in Black and Silver, or Blue and Silver. (No image)


    Storm Deep Thunderstick and Thunderstick Jr.

    -dives to 20 feet

    Vertical Jigging

    Spoons [​IMG]
    Real Image 1.5 ounce Chartreuse shad -

    Howard Oatman special 1.5 ounce -

    P-Line lazer Minnow - (Silver Glow, super chartreuse) 1 oz-

    Kast master 1/2 to 1 ounce (silver or with a color swash)

    Hopkins Shorty

    CC Spoon


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  2. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    Some of these lures are outdated. Please add your favorite lures to this page.
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  3. Chet Garling

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    It looks like you raided my tackle box!! Don't forget the lowly wally diver, also a single tail on a 1/4 oz jighead, and of course the ever useful kastmaster, size to match the hatch.
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  4. Dungee Fishing

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    IMG_5958.PNG IMG_5959.PNG SPRO bucktail jig and Bomber Fat Free Shad for boils are two of our favorites.
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    Can you "sticky" this?
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    I think I did. We will see if it moves?
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  7. Utahduckhunter

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    Swim baits big hammer or yamamoto shad or spro bbz swim bait or live target lure
  8. Dorado

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    KVD 5XD, chartreuse sexy shad, Cabelas Real image walleye diver, Firetiger 3.5".
  9. MrDeeds970

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    LiveTarget popper. Nice heavy popper you can cast a mile to reach the boil from a distance. Bonus 2 for one in pic.

    Lol, also my profile picture!

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  10. tt600

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    Search for Rapala on Amazon. Then sort by price. Usually a few around $4.
  11. Gem Morris

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    Cabelas is having a 2 day sale (today and tomorrow) on lots of lucky craft - I saw prices marked down from $21.99 to $4.99 on their email that just went out.
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  13. wayne gustaveson

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    Thanks found some Sammy topwater lures on sale for $5. They are going fast.
  14. Trophyhill

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    I've been doing very well trolling Bomber Fat Free Shads, 9A's and Fat Raps for Striper, walleye and occasional crappy and smallies since March out of Bullfrog
  15. wayne gustaveson

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    Thanks Trophyhill and welcome to the club. We need more reports out of Bullfrog so we are counting on you.
  16. Trophyhill

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    Thanks Wayne! Went again last weekend. Didn't have to go far to find stripers. Let me just say that my range is limited with my little 17' Grumman bass boat. I caught fish from Halls to Hansen and back. I'm out there trying to catch walleye (which I did) but alot more stripers. Again with the Bomber Fat Free Shad. Believe it or not, I also caught stripers on a bottom bouncing worm tipped spinner rig. The fight these fish give you is insane. Caught a few on Model A's as well.
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