Soliciting Ideas for recovery of boat to trailer


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Actually I was just looking at the trailer today with the idea of adding rollers
Looks like it might be a very good possibility. I've got some ideas on this now


If your into the idea of a new trailer - check out some tilt trailers . Used them a lot launching waterfowl Hunting boats In shallow waters .


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Ask for help from a couple of people
I'm an independent personality unable to acquiesce to not being able to do it myself

I think I have come up with a way for rollers on my trailer and a drop down ramp for the initial popup over the back edge of the trailer. Maybe even an electric winch!!!!!
I might change course and get a shorter boat and one of those electric roof top loaders. Need more research.


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According to my wife, I should enroll in all three but it would be too tough going it alone so I think I'll wait until I've talked it over a little more with you guys. If that doesn't work out I'll probably just quit.


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Some of the private ramps along the river here in Parker are pretty shallow. To get small boat and PWC trailers deep enough, lots of people fab up two-wheel dollies like those used to tow aircraft. One guy actually made his from one of those actual aircraft dollies.

With an extra 10-15 feet of length you should have no problem getting the trailer deep enough to float off/on.

At the top of the ramp with the wheels chocked, remove the dolly, hook up the trailer as normal for highway use.

Here’s an example from Google

View attachment 8763
What about replacing the trailer tongue with something like above? Pull a pin out. Slide tongue out several feet. Latch again and you have the tongue extended. Slide it back in when you are ready to tow home.

I’ve seen blow boats set up that way.


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Can't slide through on mine

Just made a 2X4 ramp that attaches to the rear of the trailer center and with the added rollers on the rear I can winch the boat from the ground with only the labor extended to crank the winch. I've now got 2 rollers in the middle of the trailer that the boat rides on instead of the bunks. This may work until I figure out an electrical winch system.
All the ideas really got me thinking Thanks