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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Eric Smith, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Eric Smith

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    My father and I are planning a trip to the lake last week of March 2017 and we're staying at the Bullfrog RV campground. Any suggestions on best locations to fish so we're not motoring around the lake all day? I could care less what we catch, I just want to have a great week fishing with my dad. Thanks for the help in advance. Also, has anyone stayed at this campground before, I cannot find any good information about it.
  2. Dungee Fishing

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    We will be there the same time and we will be heading 30 miles north to Good Hope Bay. We Bass fish so I would suggest fishing any rock piles/shelves, off shore humps in the Stanton area, opposite side of Bullfrog, Moki. Those are the closest options, from there most canyons have rock piles and shelves, If you are willing to go all the way up to Good Hope there are many more areas with great structure to fish. You could troll all these same areas for Walleye and Stripers.
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  3. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    I have never stayed at the Bullfrog Campground but have heard reports that it could be better. If it were me planning this trip I would load everything needed to camp out and head to Good Hope Bay, the Rincon, Escalante or many other locations and stay there for the entire time. That saves a lot of travel time and expense which you will incur if you have to return to Bullfrog each day.

    In 2016 Bullfrog had the best striper fishing due to high shad supply in that bay. You could have a great trip without running uplake or down. There are lots of options.

    Review the various fish reports on Anglers Corner for the past many years to get an idea of what to expect in March. Your biggest friend or enemy will be the weather for the week planned.

    Here are some reports to review: 2015-northern-bass&catid=52:anglers-corner&Itemid=18

    There are many more to choose from. This is like having your own fishing log book.
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  4. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    It has been years since we have used the campground. It seems to me that there are two campgrounds - one that takes reservations and is run by Aramark. That one had full hookups, and pretty large sites.

    There is also another campground more towards the boat ramp. I have never used that one, but it seems like it had a few less amenities.

    That said, I think I would agree with Wayne. If you can do it, you are better off loading up the boat, and camping in GHB.

    If you have your heart set on using an RV, I would skip both campgrounds, and stay in Stanton. You will be much closer to the water, and that time of year most would not really need amenities like electricity.
  5. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    The last time I checked, the Bullfrog RV campground was $56.00 per night with full hook ups. The other Bullfrog campground has nice concrete pads with a short walk to the restrooms. I believe they are $26.00 per night. Both of those campgrounds mean renting a slip for a boat or taking it in and out every day. Stanton is the other option. If you can carefully navigate down the roads to the lakeside, it is only $10.00 per night. you can park the boat near the RV and come and go as you please. If I go solo, I stay at the campground. For extended trips I stay at Stanton. I stay at Stanton quite a bit. Sq
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  6. Dorado

    Dorado Well-Known Member

    I also usually take the boat and camp uplake, but sometimes (especially early when it is still cold, or the forecast calls for windy conditions) we have camped at Bullfrog. If you just want to catch any fish, Bullfrog Bay and Halls Creek Bay can have good striper fishing. Trolling diving plugs is the easiest way to find fish. You will spend a good bit of time feeling a bit lost on the big lake, but once you find a pattern, the action can be fast and furious.

    It seems most years we have better luck with certain plugs and colors. Go to lures for me have been KVD 5X deep in the chartreuse or fire tiger colors, and walleye style divers in chartreuse shad or firetiger. We seem to do best with lures that are 3-3.5 inches, a good compromise in diving depth, but not too big. Sometimes the shallower baits work better. Another thing in the early season is that the backs of bays that are a bit off color hold more, active fish. Areas 15-30 feet are usually better, and you will catch walleye in these depths, especially when your lure is bouncing off the bottom a bit. If you are never getting snagged, you are fishing too deep! One thing you will quickly find is that it is difficult to stay at a specific depth, since the lake has so many rock piles and hidden (possibly dangerous) rock piles and reefs. If you find you are consistently hooking up at a spot or depth, try tossing 1/4 ounce grubs bounced along the bottom. Tipped with a piece of worm, this can really be productive for early season walleye.
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  7. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    First, I want to say you're winning parenting my friend. I've watched a lot of your YouTube videos and you are a highly patient and caring father. Great job! I'll take your advice and work the Stanton area a couple days. I figured I would motor up to the Good Hope Bay a couple days; 1 to 1.5 hours one way isn't so bad a couple days. I would love to catch some 'eater' crappie and walleye, then just fish for fun on some striper. My dad's not much of a fisherman so bass fishing isn't really something I'll target with him. He is more of a sit there and reels the fish in kind of guy. Thanks again for the tips and locations.
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  8. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    Thank you so much for the advice. I'll try all those tactics. I fish primarily for walleye in Colorado so I have all the gear for that type of fishing. I would love to get on some crappie because that's easy fishing for my dad.
  9. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    I just want to start out! You run a great website and everyone I've experienced is more than willing to help out with Lake Powell fishing tips and tricks. Over here in Colorado it seems everyone wants to keep a big secret about fishing tactics and locations.

    I would love to stay 'up lake' however, I have to stay at a campground with electricity for my dad. Sleep apnea and a C-Pap machine is a must. I will work the areas around the Bullfrog bay and motor up north a couple days. I biggest water I've ever fished with my boat is Blue Mesa which is a 'spec' compared to Lake Powell. The end of March cannot come soon enough.

    Again thanks for providing such a great resource for Lake Powell fisherman. I'm sure this will not be my last time visiting this great western reservoir.
  10. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    Yeah, the Bullfrog RV campground is pricey however, my dad must have electricity for medical reasons. Off your advice, I looked up Stanton and next time I come out myself that's where I'll head for sure. I have a truck camper which is easier to tow the boat throughout Colorado to all the different fishing location in the mountains. Thanks for the tip.
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  11. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, my dad needs electricity. I'll have to stay in the Stanton campground or lakeside camp next time I go myself.
  12. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Eric, what city do you live in? I am in Evergreen. Sq
  13. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    We're close to each other. I'm in Lakewood off west Colfax.
  14. Wyo307

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    Eric you had mentioned you wanted to find some crappie. I was there for my first time ever last April and caught all of these one afternoon in some flooded timber in a side canyon of Moki which isn't a far drive. Easy to catch and a really good average size.
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  15. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    Nice report. Air temp is going to rise next week. I will go out on Tuesday or Wednesday next week and let everyone know how the stripers are doing in the southern lake. It will be another month before crappie start to bite. Can't wait.
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  16. Steve Moore

    Steve Moore Well-Known Member

    Wyo307. That looks more like lake canyon than Moki??
  17. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Looks like one of the slick rock cuts north of Stanton heading towards Moki.
  18. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    The canyon doesn't matter as much as the real secret which is = "some flooded timber in a side canyon"

    Find flooded brush to locate crappie!
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  19. mtnpull

    mtnpull Well-Known Member

    I've used the bullfrog RV campground a number of times. It's pretty barren. Not much for trees or scenery, but I spend all day on the lake and just need a place to cook and sleep. I usually opt for staying in the campground rather than shore camping for various reasons, amoung such is I can't sleep well in a tent, and with 3-4 young kids, it's just simpler to have power, water and bathrooms. Good luck. I hope to make a week trip in March, April and May!
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  20. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith Member

    That's what I'm talking about!!! The end of March cannot come soon enough. Thanks for the tip and I'll head that way for sure. Crappie and walleye are the 'chicken' of the lake. Best table fare in my opinion.
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