Lake Powell How To Series Thread

Dungee Fishing

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Finally got the first video in the series done. It’s been a busy last couple of months with doing stuff to the boat and moving houses. It also took me forever to narrow down a starting point. There is literally endless information about fishing Powell.

This first video probably isn’t much to any on here yet but with this first one out of the way I can start cranking out videos showing what we prefer and how we fish Powell. Let me know what you think.


Keith Stockman

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Nice job guys. I've been watching your videos for some time now and always enjoy them. Always pick up some useful ideas too. Keep up the good work!! I'm looking forward to your series.

Bill Sampson

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Thanks Preston. Now that I am retired and moving closer to the lake, these videos will be helpful in getting me back to fishing again.


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I like the use of the maps and the keep it simple concept, I can spend an entire day in Wahweap bay or halls creek and catch more fish the first week in may then I can catch in a week on my local lakes around phoenix. Looking forward to your next episode. (y)