Lake Powell Beaches and Hiking Guide Project - looking for help...


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What a fantastic plan, and I can certainly see how labor intensive it will be. I will contribute as possible, and any format would be a boon to all. Book format seems the most advantageous. One of my impediments is that I travel with visual cues more than coordinates, so it's kinda hard to be specific.


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I am glad I found this thread. I ll defintely will buy your book when it will get out JFR. I am a newbie on the lake as even my first trip was 2002, I ll only went 11 times to Powell. But I am catching up going 3 times a year now and planning for more than this as soon as I retired. Hoping the lake will go up again.
All that to say that I ll try to send you some info where we camped and what was the elevation at that time.
missing 2002, where the lake was at 3644 and tomorrow as we are heading for the lake


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