Howard Oatman

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    Sad to hear this. Howard you will be missed and always in our hearts. Please remember to tell me where the fish are.
  2. Powelldreamer

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    Howard sounds like the type of gentleman I aspire to be. I wish I could have met and known him. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
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  4. Todd

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    Nice tribute GC!
    All of our Lake Powell lure makers are gone now. I have dozens of them from each one. Time to put some of the unused ones away for good.
    Gone but not forgotten!
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    That's nice GC, there's a peace of the lake, that go's with the passing of these men, and that's the worst part of getting older, and watching people you enjoy being arround leaving, to soon. Hey Todd, how have you been. Todd, can you name these Men, I knew four of them, by picture, and I'm sure all of them by WW's, if you would, I sure would appreciate it.
  6. Todd

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    Doing good Kevin.
    Just sent you a text if your number is the same

    I'm on my phone so I can't see all good but...

    Pete Klocki (Wild Hare Baits)
    Howard Oatman ( Oatman Spoons)
    John Frasier (Rimrock)
    Dave Wallace (Walley Lure)
    Art (the Outbacks)
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  7. shanewave

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    Difficult to see such cornerstones pass away. He sure has made a big impression on the world.
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    Got to meet Howard in Mesquite where he hung out in the winter. Took him fishing to Enterprise for trout. He subsequently sent me a cache of Oatman lures. We conversed by phone in the summer monthes. I use them every summer. He was a great gentleman. May he rest in peace.
  9. Skip

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    You touched a lot of people at the lake and I'm sure other places also, may you rest in peace. We always think of the last time we see someone and the conversations, my wife and I will always remember you.
  10. So sorry to hear of a passing of a fellow Poweller. From the post I have read he sounds like an amazing man and willing to help when needed the kind of guy you hoped to run into if you were in trouble on the lake. My condolences to his family.
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    Rest in peace, Howard. Still have my spoons in my tackle box.

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    Wish I got to meet him. Maybe someday. R.I.P
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    Very nice pictorial. Thanks for posting...we are all but wayfarers here, and it is hard to accept sometimes.
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    looking at sept 30 to have a farewell get together for howard
    how does that fit with all's schedule
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    Goldie & I will be there Sept. 18th to the 28th. I am sorry we will miss it. Sq
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    Maybe the week prior and week after friends could leave their thoughts and special memories of Howard on the Hooligan ll. Like John and Art their families had no idea how much they were loved and appreciated by their lake family.
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    Jus t got back from the lake. Was great boil fishing from Halls fuels up around the corner of Moki. We caught everything on Topwaters, including fingers. Was very difficult not being able to call Howard and beg him to get down there and help us out. Plus some issues with the Holligan Too caused by Aramark which I'm sure he would have been heating up the phone lines along with Ralph. Damn, I miss him.
  18. Unbelievable is the best words to put towards Howard's name. A true passionate steward of America, lake Powell as well as family and friends. As most on here knew him or of him.... This will leave a hole in the community of lake Powell and the Wordlings.... RIP Howard... Not one trip to the Powell and the amazing water will be left without you in our hearts!
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    I have been off the board for a while and am shocked to hear this. Howard would always go out of his way to help me . He was a great man. Rest in peace Howard.
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    Posted on Facebook

    To Howard's Friends:

    Spoke with Ralph Wendland today.
    Howard's memorial is planned for Saturday, September 30 in late afternoon at Bullfrog marina. He spoke with Striper Steve who plans to start organizing a mini shad rally/fish fry (thanks Steve!)

    Details to follow. If you have a picture to share that would be great! I need not ask for you to share a story as that is a given. I'm sure there will be lots of those (maybe even with a little exaggeration, as goes with fish stories!)