Favorite LP Pics 2016

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How about sharing a photo or two from this year's adventures? I'll start with this one from our recent trip to Annie's Canyon.

For this thread, let's use the "Full Image" option when posting. Doing this will insert the image right into the body of the post. That means less clicks for all of us who want to view them.

Photo uploads are limited to 1Mb each - and that allows for a HUGE photo. However, please be frugal and post photos of an appropriate size (for viewing and storage). This one, for example, is about .25 Mb (256 Kb) and the resolution is about 700 by 700. HD resolution is 1920 by 1080 and so the max resolution we currently support is 1920 by 1920 (to accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations of HD content). Thanks!

Annie's 2016.jpg
I tried to down load a few photos, but was told: "The uploaded file too large for the server to process."
I don't know how to shrink them.
Try right clicking on the photo and look for a menu item "size" or "tools", then "size"

If you convert one of the size fields to 700 pixels the other should size proportionally. Save and upload
328-Copy.jpg 329 - Copy.jpg 333 - Copy.jpg 334 - Copy.jpg Thanks Powell Bride. It took me an hour and jumping through a lot of hoops to finally find the "resize".

On June 8th we were sitting on the back of Cropduster at Antelope when some attached docks were pushed down lake. We watched the very long train of activities...lookout boats, NPS boats, tugs, etc. Don't know where they came from (maybe Halls?)
Did a good job of herding the bunch without drifting into the AP slips and houseboats.
Don't know where they went.

Hope these attachments come out.

Here are a couple from this year:

"Dad's Crack"


And, last but not least by any means, "Happy to be here!" (ie: "are you going to come unhook this fish today???")
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What you call "Dad's Crack" I call "the Dave Hauswald Vee". Caught a lot of fish there one day - looking at your initials in your handle I assume you're related? :)
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