Colorado river flow

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yeah , I drove from salt lake to Price last weekend and up at the top by the scofield turnoff , the White river is flooding over its banks and meanders . There is a train bridge with water probably 2-3 inches below it , and the Price river Is chocolate milk and roaring. I know those aren't huge contributors but they are as high as I have even seen them up there.

It bodes well for all the rivers heading to Powell ....... Lets get the Hite concrete ramp wet!!!!!!!!!!
inflow was at 38,000 this last Thursday so it seems like the runoff has begun. Excited to see what the next month has in store for inflows.

Flying home from Page its amazing how much snow is in the mountains. So I expect it will be a good water year.

Just not too excited for all that comes with rising waters. the floating crap all over, literally haha. its been awhile since the water was as high as it should go this year. Even now the top of the water is a mess and we have not hit the high mark from last year. thats when things get dirty.

I love this time of year where I can open up the lake power water data site and watch it grow, in time to get there and play in June. Any guesses where it will be height wise in early June? (5-10th)
Sacrificing a few tomato plants for a couple more feet in the lake is a good deal in my mind- BRING IT ON!!!
Gotta love springtime in the Rockies.
Based on this month's USBR 24 Month Study Report, same as previous reports, the planned (and maximum) release from Powell is 9.0 maf. The projected maximum is 3642.6 feet, about 30 feet rise from today's level. With the cap on releases this late snow storm should give us a little bump above current projection.
Had to cover my tomatoes for the second time and maybe again tonight... no big deal BRING IT ON more snow and water. Waiting for Hite ramp to get wet !!!
Should be usable when the water clears back up !!
We've got six inches of good wet snow so far at 7000 ft of elevation. My high water guess of 3650.5 may be close after all.
I'm thinking higher as well, my guess could be good, I am hoping for it or even better !!
3652.75 Mildog
I remember launching in Oct. 2011 at Hite on the concrete ramp very safely and I wanna say it was 3648ish .

lets hope for much more
The Marinator is about right. October 2011 was around 3650. But it's tough to get near there this year. To get from the projected 3642 to 3650 would take around another 1 million acre feet from the projected run off, that's a whole lot of watershed water!
So I assume that we will never see 3700 again unless we get so much rain the lake will be in flood control. What is the new elevation that LP should (or would) be considered FULL?

I have launched my small boat (17 ft aluminum) at Hite off the dirt ramp south of the concrete ramp by where the marina used to be at about 3615 in 2011 if I remember right.
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