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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by wayne gustaveson, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    I took this last year and sent it out to the media with todays fish report. I thought I would share it with everyone because I think its really cool. I have no idea how I did it, but it is amazing.

    Click on the link to see the full size image
  2. treetop

    treetop Active Member

    That's a really cool pix. Was that part of a boil, or a single fish?
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Pretty cool. Wish I could have seen it in person.
  4. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    There were single fish coming up here and there but not a sustained boil. I was surprised to download and then look at this picture.
  5. Mildog

    Mildog Member

    Very cool picture... of course you planned for it to turn out that way !!! You are that good... All the best.
  6. birdsnest

    birdsnest Well-Known Member

    Looks to good to be real. Very nice!
  7. GregC

    GregC Well-Known Member

    Hate to be the one to burst the bubble, but it looks like a water drop on the lens. Still a cool pic tho'

  8. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    Probably true but we had to be close enough to the fish to get him to throw water on the lens. Very exciting.
  9. Grant Stevens - USBR

    Grant Stevens - USBR Well-Known Member

    Was HDR on? HDR takes multiple pictures at different exposures, and merges and crops them into a single pic, usually used when you have a difficult shot with dark shaded areas.
  10. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    I have never used HDR so I am not sure.
  11. Nomofish

    Nomofish Well-Known Member

    Very cool picture Wayne.
  12. BarzArz

    BarzArz Well-Known Member

    My daughter took a picture of me with HDR with the following result...
    We have no idea how it happened or how to do it again. If I recall correctly, we were fishing toward the back of Moki in Sleepy Hollow...
  13. SDPJ

    SDPJ Active Member

    That's pretty top notch. The background is actually a fantastic shot
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  14. Bill Sampson

    Bill Sampson Well-Known Member

    I'm sure one of my ex-wives would like to have a picture of me like this.
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