Yellow Mountain/Rock

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wayne gustaveson

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Hikers - Wayne and Charlene Gustaveson - May 27, 2013

3 miles round trip. Difficult steep hill to climb then an easy walk on yellow slick rock.

Cottonwood Canyon road from Highway 89 near mile post 19. Travel up Cottonwood Road to Hackberry Canyon then take the first drainage trail downstream from Hackberry.

Climb 300 feet up the steep trail to the top where Yellow Rock comes into view. Vertical elevation increase to the top of the peak is another 300 feet.

A razor sharp ridge marks the trail leading down, then up to the mountain. This hike features great scenery, cool rocks, flowers and scenic overlooks.

The mountain features different color combinations with the right side being mostly light brown to grey in color. There is a rock seam that appears to be an ocean wave breaking on the shore.

Some kind of brown sea monster is seen swimming in the rocky water.

The left hand side of the mountain features the dominant yellow color that the mountain is named for. But there are red and brown features that are outlined by crazy white lines.

Follow one of the white lines to the summit where you will find an incredible view overlooking Hackberry Canyon over the top. Turn around to see the Cottonwood road in the valley bottom and the Brigham Plains road heading over the next ridge.

There are rocky basins all over the top that hold rain water and grow an interesting variety of cactus and wild flowers.

Hackberry Canyon gorge offers a neat backdrop that resembles a movie set from the Lord of The Rings movie.

On the trip back down at the far left side is a red rock pile that is extremely colorful.

There are more rock features further down the ridge which we saved for another day. It gives us an excuse to go back for another trip.

The Yellow Mountain/Hackberry Canyon areas offer great side trips near Lake Powell. The Cottonwood road offers some amazing scenery not seen anywhere else. Give it a try. It is worth the trip.
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