WW Photo Contest Rules


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Hey all, since our site traffic has more than doubled during the COVID-19 weeks, what about a Photo Contest to keep things interesting? If this is successful, we could run a new one every so often focusing on different aspects of Lake Powell photos (landscapes, waterfalls, smiling anglers, campsites, etc). You can submit suggestions for future categories by posting them in this thread.

Entry –
  • To be eligible you must be a full member of Wayne’s Words
  • Only original photos – taken by you – are permitted
  • Submit your entry photo as a post in the contest thread
  • Post as a full-size image (no thumbnails)
  • Maximum size is 1920x1080 resolution – and up to 1MB
  • Minimum size is 640x480
  • You can post photos that you’ve previously posted on WW
  • One entry per member
Voting –
  • Members may vote simply by reacting to the post(s) they like best
  • The thumbnail block at the top of the contest thread will keep a running tally of the votes
  • Check back regularly for new submissions
  • You can change your vote(s) up until the contest deadline
Prizes –
  • We will definitely find a way to recognize you!
  • Maybe if this becomes popular, we’ll get some sponsored prizes for future contests!
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