Winter time at Lake Powell..some of the best times.

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I was of my favorite times at Lake Powell was February 1977 at the Rincon.

We woke up to a blizzard. My dad measured the snow depth, 18" on the back deck of the houseboat.

We had to stay an extra day.

I built a snowman on the beach.

No heater in the houseboat, so my mom boiled water on the stove to keep us warm, wasn't that cold to me anyway.

Dad taught us to play poker.

My sister and I loved that we might miss a day of school.

Nobody else on the lake.

I miss that kind of solitude.
Took my soon to be wife out on an old 36' boatell for the Y2K thing. One of the nicest trips ever. Few inches of snow and complete solitude. The lake was the experience, not the boat, something we focus on each trip. Love Powell.

We just returned from a fantastic "winter week" on the lake. This same week a couple of years ago, we had 8" of snow - this year sunny and upper 50's with no wind! Both were beautiful times to be on the water. This photo was taken on 12/28 - the main channel is right behind the boat and Gunsight Butte in the background. Happy New Year, Doug


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Pegasus you are an inspiration!

I haven't yet gone down in the winter, but this year I did a winterization that will allow for winter trips, so maybe...
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