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Wind Generator

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I've seen a tricked out housboat parked in the walmart parking lot in Page the last few times I went to the lake. It looks like a cross between Sanford and Sons and the Back to the Future car. A large wind turbine and several solar panels mounted at different angles. I thought it was kinda cool but know Ma Ma would not allow it. I think it is a very ingenious idea to create power while you're traveling. My cabin is off grid so I really appreciate electricity but don't know how effective or costly a wind turbine would be, but do know that wind is abundant at Powell.


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I've only seen them on sailboats when I was on the East Coast, mainly for cruisers who don't want to run an engine to charge the batteries. Lake Powell doesn't have the steady ocean breezes, I would be concerned one of Lake Powell's crazy wind storms might overspeed the windmill and kill it.

But if you get more info please share it...


I second the noise. They would be great if they could find a way to silence the constant buzzing from them as they spin.
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