Will LP Rise 50'+

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After viewing the data from Lake Powell, we should be due for a 50'+ rise.

In 2011 LP rise was 50+ and in 2005 also had a 50+ rise. That is ever 6 years.

We are on our 6th year.

Will this happen in 2017?
Only if the storms keep coming. If they taper off, especially over the next couple of months, then the effects of this huge start will be greatly diminished unfortunately.
We can always dream. We got a late start this year due to the warm fall, and snow doesn't seem to fall in even predictable increments. Still nice to see the snowpack piling up.
Things continue to look good. We have another storm scheduled to arrive Thursday and then another one around the 25th. If you don't fallow the "The Buoy" on Facebook you should. This page very accurately predicts storms weeks out.

Going to ski now:) have a great day
A lot depends on the spring and if we get the winds again.. the wind has ruined several good snow years since the drought started...

Look at the infamous Donner Pass..

I have a similar picture that I call the world's first nuclear powered snowblower.


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