Why do new posts sometimes not appear under the new post tab?

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For example I posted a new thread on the Rec. forum at about 1:00pm today. It is now 5:00 pm my time and the post does not appear under new posts even though others posted much later do.


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I have found unless you "log off" from the site, you new post will not be displayed. When you log on again, your recent post will be there. Sq

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Your own personal post does not appear in new posts when you are logged in as yourself (which is normal). Only when someone replies to it then it will appear in "new posts"


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There is caching going on between the web server and your web browser. Sometimes your browser thinks that you're going back to a page you were previously on and displays it from memory - rather than ask for a new copy from the web server. Usually, if you force a refresh (some browsers call it reload) it will request and display an updated copy of the page. It can be annoying at times. I've thought about disabling it, but it really adds to the performance of the site - especially as we get more people using it.
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