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I've narrowed down my choice to either:

Humminbird® Helix 5 Sonar/GPS Combo
    • Built-in Humminbird UniMap
    • 5", 480V x 800H 256-color screen
    • 4,000 watts peak-to-peak power
    • SwitchFire sonar
    • Internal GPS receiver
  • $279 at Cabalas.

Humminbird® Helix™ 5 CHIRP DI Sonar/GPS G2 Combo
    • 5" screen with 800x480 resolution and 1,500-nit brightness
    • CHIRP sonar for impressive detail and accuracy
    • GPS chartplotting with built-in UniMap
    • Down Imaging to 350 ft.
    • 4,000 watts of peak-to-peak power out
  • $349.00 at Cabalas

$350 is my upper limit for cost.
Needs to be easy enough to use for children.
I haven't used a fish finder for fishing since 80's.

Is there a noticeable need to upgrade to the Chirp 5 DI?


I picked up a Lowrance Elite7 at the end of last year. Only had a chance to use it once. Sure looks nice though.
Cant go wrong with either one. We have the DI unit, it's been our first real unit and has been very easy to learn/use. The DI feature does stand alone, it can help determine or get a better look at something but I think I could live without it if I still only had sonar and gps. If I had or was getting one for my bow/trolling motor I'd probably get DI tho for dropshotting fishing off shore stuff.
I have the Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS and love it. I had it on my old boat, I removed it, and I'll be installing it on the new boat once weather permits! :cool:
Thanks for the replies. I went down to Cabelas today and had a knowledgeable salesman go over all the different GPS/Sonar units with me. It really helps to just play with them a little bit.

I was impressed with the Lowrance elite 7 on sale, but the reviews are 4/5 and the size is probably too big for my console.

So now I'm looking at the Helix 5 DI. I think the screen is too small at 5" for Side Imaging.

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