Where do they go in the winter?


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The wife still wants to look for catfish over the next couple of months.
Does anyone have any idea where they go or what they do over Dec-Jan.?

wayne gustaveson

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Fish have thermal tendencies that control feeding behavior. Stripers are most likely to feed every day but, not constantly. Catfish will feed every other day for short time. Prime time is dusk and 2 hours after dark. Put bait on bottom and try to find their feeding preference and location. I have not tried for them in winter but hope you find success


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We are going to try Wahweap and Warm Creek Bays a few times just to see what happens. Prime time like you say is dusk but we are going out only in daylight hours. We have caught many at that time in the summer so activity doesn't seem to stop although it may be diminished somewhat. Have been reading about channel cats around the country and have some ideas to try. We'll post what we find.