When to Fish?

wayne gustaveson

Staff member
I got an email today requesting when the best spring fishing at Lake Powell might be.

"My family and I are planning a trip to Lake Powell and would like to know what month is better fishing. We would like to catch bass, stripers, and walleye.(any pan fish!) We are thinking May or June. Any advice would help."

My response is that early May would be the best time to catch the variety of fish listed. Here is more information:

Walleye start to bite well on April 15th and continue until June or later. They can be caught all day long AND there is a walleye contest going on.

Stripers respond to trolling in May while waiting for shad to spawn and slurps to begin. Adults are in prespawn mode during May and can be caught if specific rules are followed. You have to find them and then give them what they want. Fly fishing works well. Remind me to talk about this in April so you can get ready.

Bass are post spawn and hungry in May. They range along the shallow shoreline looking for crayfish. The peak for spring time bass fishing is late April or early May when water temperature reaches the low 60s and just before the lake level starts to rise. There is one week where water is clear, bass are on nests and sight fishing is AWESOME!