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wayne gustaveson

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No word on the activities at the Stateline Ramp ??? Anyone ???o_O
OK - I went down and looked. It is the old Halls Crossing Marina buildings that were removed a year ago. They have been stored on a breakwater somewhere for a long time. Now they are being dismantled and removed from the lake. The first building was at the top of the ramp today and being deconstructed. The rest will be gone soon.


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Oops, you screwed up! You answered first then asked. :). It's actually an original oil painting my wife did of Forgotten Cyn. about two turns below Defiance House ruins. See it better at nancyeculbreathart.com ( gotta say, it's my favorite)



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Thanks Wayne, I was almost going crazy, although I didn't have to go far, trying to think of what we were getting next..Pretty talented wife you have Greg..