What will a Trump Government shutdown look like compared to...

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Gem Morris

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an Obama shutdown?

Should I continue to make preparations for a week on the lake the first part of October?

I don't think there will be a shut down either, but if there is, it won't be geared around inconveniencing citizens, like the Obama shut down was. We got on the water the day after the governor re-opened Powell and had a ball
With Trump as President, the only thing the feds will need to do to officially close Glen Canyon NRA is lock the doors at the main office. All of the local agencies (state, county, city) will handle "the park" in their absence and the concessionaire will be allowed to operate. Park Rangers will not need to close roads, guard buildings, and will not receive double pay when the government re-opens. The public will not be affected by a federal government shutdown.
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