What are your top 3 houseboat spots on the lake?

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What are the top 3 places you would tie up for the week? I know a lot of it is based on water levels, but let's assume they are current levels.
I'll be at launching from Wahweap, so also interested in a good camping spot...sorry to hijack thread, but good houseboat spots are usually good camping spots also =)
Secret cove, no name beach, and nunyun.

Just kidding, from Bullfrog my favorite is towards the back of Iceberg Canyon. Love those views and the shade you can get. From Wahweap, I really like Rock Creek.
There is not one bad beach at Powell, it is what you make of it.

Not sure I agree with that LOL.

The first thing I look for is protection from high winds and big waves.

My worst night ever was in Ice Cream across from Wahweap. Was there with my youngest boy and his friends. Storm came in from the dam and hit me with huge waves and wind all night. washed out all the sand under my bow and I was crashing on rocks. Could not move or do anything by myself so road it out. I will never park there again.

I get tied top pretty well so not worried as much about wind but when big waves can hit you it makes a mess.

So I like to find a cove thats protected and sand beach. Hard to find sometimes.

Out of Wahweap:

#1: The Rock Creeks are kind of the jack-of-all trades in terms of anchorage possibilities, proximity to Wahweap, Dangling Rope, Rainbow Bridge, and some really good canyons on the southern shore that are great for exploring but tough to put a houseboat in (think Cathedral).

#2: West Canyon is long and beautiful, has some great beaches, and also has a "versatile" location that is semi-close to lots of places.

#3: If you can make it way up the San Juan, Piute Bay has some gems and you'll be skiing with Poseidon, Neptune, and all other gods of water.

Honorable mention: Mountain Sheep Canyon. It's not quite as beautiful as Cathedral (but it's not far off). Mountain Sheep does have some great anchorages for houseboats (usually many for smaller boats).

I (clearly) don't know the north end well enough to comment and I'm hardly a fisherman, so I'll let anyone who knows better tell me that my spots are rotten for fishing...I wouldn't know any better.
Thanks...definitely agree with Mike been blown out of beaches before (mead)....Right now I am leaning towards rock creek right now...how long does it take to get to there from wahweap? I know varies on boat...I’ll be in a 22ft pontoon...200hp eng
Thank you for all your great replies, truly appreciate all the suggestions!

We will be coming out of Wahweap, also considering the west end of Last Chance Bay. Thanks again!
A good beach one year is as likely as not to be non-existent the next year.
To that point, many times our bow is 'in the sand', but the sand is only a few inches thick before solid sandstone. Even a few inches of sand make it an awesome beach (as long as you can anchor in somehow).
Funny thing about this thread. I went to add my favorite places and thought, wait do I want to tell everyone "my" places? LOL

We have 4 spots that we check first and almost always already full. Two in Gunsight on the left and two in the back of Padre Bay. I dont like to go further up lake.

This year I have a new strategy for getting a good spot. I got a handheld that can talk from my airplane to by jet boat. I will get the kids in the jet boat and I will fly around and find the best spot and relay down to them.

My daughter has got good at seeing when people are cleaning up. She will go ask if there are leaving and camp out. That has worked a few times.

I hate floating around looking for a spot. Hopefully this year my new strategy pays off.

Or I will just leave the houseboat in a good spot and not leave. LOL

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