West Canyon Hike

wayne gustaveson

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Hiked up West Canyon and took some pictures. It is a pleasant and beautiful hike in late September and early October. At the water elevation of 3616 it is possible to venture all the way to the back of the canyon. At a depth of 3 feet, tie up to the left side sandy shore. Then follow the path up the canyon. It is a great stream hike with water shoes as you cross over and back along the picturesque creek in the canyon bottom.

Follow the stream bed for 2.5 miles enjoying the flowers, greenery, slick rock walls and clear blue sky. There is an abundance of small minnows in the stream and tiny toads along the bank.



At 2.2 miles the canyon narrows and rock walls get closer together. Traversing the stream requires waist deep walking. The slot canyon is pretty. It opens up again after traversing about 5 deep pools. We stopped here and turned around. It is possible to go further up the canyon.




This is a popular hike for those that like to get out and hike along the drainages leading into Lake Powell.


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It's a great hike at most any water level. The young adults in our group bring a rope and scale the left side, deep in the canyon. Then return to the lake from above. Done this for decades. Thanks for sharing, Wayne!