Weekend report - Bullfrog

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Trolled Bullfrog Bay and Halls this weekend. Ended up with around 20 striper per day. Smaller fish but great fillets. Midday was slow, morning and evenings were good.
I did about the exactly the same , last weekend , Berkley flicker shads the deeper the better, coming back this weekend hope to do the same.
We also trolled Bullfrog and Halls, but did not do nearly as well as you. We had closer to 10 per day. It was tough. We tried everything in our boxes, but just couldn't get on them. But the weather was sure nice!

We pulled a couple from Iceberg, and even found a crappie in Lost Eden.




They were pretty picky. Stripers were in small tight schools and moved around alot. When we would find them we would double or triple on them though. Very few shad marked anywhere.
Great looking family. Your girls are growing up extremely well.

We used shallow running small jerk baits (Lucky Craft Pointer 65) in clear water today. Report tomorrow.
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