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Seems the Cams are down more than up. Down again today....
How can a guy daydream if the pond cams are down??
I’ve sent a few emails to the Glen Canyon park service reporting outages.
I don’t think they care...........

I’m an I.T. professional, I and another tech take care of over 75 IP cameras / recorders, covering about 70 miles. We seldom have a camera down for more than a couple days.
I know, two guys supporting 75 cameras, big deal. But we also support over 1300 computers & laptops with about 60 LaserJets printers.. 13 servers and 1400 Google Accounts.

The Park I.T. guys need to look at installing Ambery IP remote power switches. Allows me to reboot a camera without driving out to the site.
In a problem area, I have them auto reboot the camera & switch at midnight every night. $90

I’m retiring in two week. Headed to Powell again in April.

Can’t wait.................


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All webcams appear to be down since about Jan 28th.

When in doubt, check the lower left corner of a webcam image, it will have a date/time stamp when it was last updated.

When webcams are functioning properly the images are updated every 10-15 minutes or so (can’t remember the exact interval).
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