Weather and phone reception mid September

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Hello, coming from the show me state and camping halls crossing. We’ve camped here last two years about the same time. High winds almost blew our tent away the first time..lesson learned. Had great weather each time but since you’re in a heat wave was wondering if the monsoon season has been there yet or is it still coming. Also had no phone reception when there but was told at the marina one of the gals could get reception using Verizon of there was an emergency. Thinking of signing up with them. So the ferry still not running, assume won’t be fixed in the next couple weeks so no crossing to explore bullfrog area. Believe it or not, we come to hike and enjoy the solitude of the area. Done house boating years past. Any advice or thoughts appreciated.
September is a beautiful month - Normally dry -- other than the occasional T Storm which can produce a short period of high winds the weather is usually nice -- Water temp -- mid to high 70's - air temp 90's plus-- but cool at night -- Monsoon season seems to have past us by as the height of the season is usually July/August

It might be better to drive / stay in the Bullfrog area and rent a small boat for the day to visit areas that you can't access from shore -(Just a thought) -- Verizon is more dependable though ATT does work -- You still need to be close to Halls or Bullfrog to get reception -- If you hike into a canyon you can forget reception --

I have not heard any updates on the Ferry--

Occasionally I see Executive Services transport people from Halls to Bullfrog but best to check first - 435-684-3062 -

Hope that helps and enjoy Powell
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