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wayne gustaveson

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Jon & Inge Gilbert have accepted the challenge to make flags again for those wordlings that would like to order a flag. We got about 40 responses on the first thread. Here are the instructions for ordering your flag.

Jon says to mail a check for $20 to:

Address: Inge Gilbert

1195 Wigwam St.

Mesquite, NV 89027

Then Jon will mail you a flag as soon as they are ready.

Let me ask Jon if he needs to add a postage charge or if $20 is the total?

I will try to get that response here by Wednesday.
Just got mine. It is about 11x17 and the grommets are 9" apart. Red White and Blue with Waynes Words in the center white stripe and SHAD on the other side in the white center stripe as well. Nice.
I don't like to bring this up but is there anyway I can pay with a debit card or Paypal, I don't have checks, anymore??? Thanks , Butch
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