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Great fish report!
Especially the last picture... sure do miss Rimrock.
I think I was there that weekend. Man we had so many great days filling a barrel with stripers.
I couldn’t start to count the thousands of stripers that KBass, Rimrock, GoldCup and I caught off the back of that houseboat in the winter months.
Great times for sure!!!!
I was glancing through pictures this morning to add to the fish report and happened to see the Rimrock picture in my album. There was not a better one to add so I did. I really appreciate you guys up north that do your best to keep the striper population in check by harvesting a lot of fish. Thanks for doing that and for being part of this website for such a long time.
I didn't know that either.
Are you ever down in the winter? I might be headed down in the next few weeks to stay on a buddy's boat for the weekend.
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