Waves from wake board boats (Bullfrog Buoy Field(s)):

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Waves from wake board boats (Bullfrog):

I don’t complain a lot as the lake is for everyone’s enjoyment – whatever “floats your boat” so to speak.

BUT -- I have to put my two cents in when it comes to the wave size coming off these boats and the damage they do to (in this case) to houseboats on the buoy field that have a boat tied to their side

I understand that the wake boarding boats are doing what they are designed to do – it’s the drivers who are clueless to the distance that their waves are traveling --- There is so much open water why do the boaters feel it is necessary to run the “lanes” near the buoy fields – not once – not twice but a continual circuit – If someone could explain to me the need to run so close to the buoy fields – it would be appreciated –

I will concede that I do not know how far a wave travels and how much it dissipates over time. But I have to imagine that the closer you run near a buoy field the larger the wave will be in the field than say if you were further out in the middle of the bay --

‘When a wake (scratch that – a wave) from one of these boats come through the buoy field “things” start coming out of cabinets and the small boat smashes up against the houseboat – forgot trying to hold the small boat for fear of bodily damage –

That’s my rant – thanks for reading --
I think you you hit the nail on the head with clueless, l would bet that alot of them don't realize or even stop to think that there waves can damage other vessels. But there's always going to be those that have no consideration for others, and we should be glad that they allow us to be on the lake with them. It's my experience that people who are responsible and have consideration for others are the ones like you that know first hand what affect your waves can do to others around you. As a foolish young man back on the Mississippi, I almost swamped a canoe. I had no clue at the time the affect my waves had on those around me. Fortunately I am one to learn from my mistakes.
Yes, out of courtesy, those wakeboard boats should be further away from the buoy field. You should see the tour boat wakes down south. THOSE are some damaging waves. Took us completely by surprise when we moved our old houseboat from Halls to Wahweap. We scrambled as those waves hit us and began wiping everything off our front deck that wasn't locked down. Cupboards and drawers opened and spilled. One or two waves made it through the boat and took out some of our electronics. It was sheer chaos for about 20 seconds.

That's they need to allow Waynes word users to equip their boats with torpedos. Then we could eliminate many problems. ''I don't know what happened officer I just heard a loud noise and then the Wake boat sank''
One day while fishing the St. Lawrence, one of these crept up behind us, probably Canadians preparing for some sort of sneak attack. For some reason, I don't remember the wake it left.36869716_2305059236178648_981413380189323264_n.jpg
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