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It appears the lake has leveled off according to Wayne's fishing report is the lake going to rise at all I live in Ogden we had little run off this year. Also where is the mud line.thanks
I just saw on the news this morning that "they" expect the lake to rise to 3616 this year, so it's got a few feet to go for that to be accurate. I can't help you on the mudline question. I don't know who "they" is.......
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Last report on the mudline was north end of Good Hope Bay, about two weeks ago. The Colorado River is expected to peak this weekend, so it's not looking good for an increase in water levels this year. We may get a few more inches of rise, but I don't think we'll see 6 feet.
Mudline was right at Red Canyon last week when I was there so now it should be down near the floating rest room (Buoy 117). Main channel was muddy but the backs of canyons (Red, Ticaboo, Scorup) was still quite clear.
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