Water Holes Canyon

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Water Holes Canyon Hike

Hiker - Mike O'Loughlin (MOJO) from Gilbert, AZ. Date of hike was Oct. 23, 2010.

Trailhead is 7 miles south of Page on Highway US 89 at mile marker #542, east of US 89.


This hike has good narrow slots for about 150 yards after a 20 minute hike from the highway. Total hike time is under 2 hours.
This is on Navajo land and requires a permit, which can be purchased at the Antelope Canyon entrance booths by the Power Plant off highway 98. Cost was $5 per person.

There is a parking area in plain view on the east side of Hwy 89 at mile marker 452, just north of the bridge. The entrance is through a designated opening in the fence line.

Start walking towards the canyon on the right, but only for an overlook view. You will need to walk along the ridge to the left following cairns until they direct you to a descent point into the canyon. If you miss the descent point, go back and study the cairns because there are no easy descent points after that.

After descending into the canyon, the wash is wide and an easy hike for about 20 minutes until you reach the slots. You should make a pointer in the sand of your entry point to look for on the hike back out.

The slots appear and will last for about 150 yards. Lots of twists and turns with beautiful rock formations all around.

The hardest part is a little climb up a 6 foot dryfall, but very manageable with some footholds and using your legs and hands against the rocks. I never saw any wet water holes, but this is one place where there would be some after a rain.

If you love slots, there are plenty to see.

The end of this hike is a 15 foot vertical rock wall and no way up. This is another spot where a water pool could exist, but was dry on this occasion.
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