Water elevation levels data

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So I'm currently watching to see when the lake tops out.

I have a question using this data on the Lake Powell Water Database.

July 10, 2017.

Water IN is: 16705.
Water OUT is: 14404.

Lake rise: 0.00.

My question is why didn't the lake go up?
Is there an overlap between days that the scale can't show or doesn't account for?
Is that difference evaporation and leakage?
Did someone fail to drain and dry & take some water home in their boat?

The inflow number is an aggregate of all of the measured flows into the lake and is difficult to accurately gage. I would suspect that on this particular day that the inflow matched the outflow and resulted in a net-zero gain in elevation. It could also be a rounding error so that the lake actually rose .004', but was rounded down to .00". It's a lot easier to measure the height of the water at the dam than to measure unsteady water flows at 6 different river entrances to the lake(give or take).
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