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    Hi - I've looked online and have not found information for the river starting depth at the dam, in MSL elevation on the lake side.

    What I want is the elevation of the river before the dam was put in at that location, and if possible in the Bullfrog Creek/Stanton Creek area. All pre-dam era. In MSL, not data that said the river is 13ft deep..that does no good.

    I know the river goes up and down throughout the season and that would change the data.

    This is for a Boy Scout project....
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    For the type of information you're looking for, I would try the USGS historic maps collection. If you follow that link, you should be able to navigate to those locations, place a marker, and then see what historic maps are available for download (most as PDFs) at those sites. A topographic map prior to the construction of the dam would give you the information you want. They are all free for download.
  3. VanillaIceCream

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    Thanks Capt...

    Looks like river elevation at Wahweep Creek was 3145 MSL and just below the dam it's 3140 MSL.

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  4. Trix

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    The Lake Powell Water Database is using 3132 as the bottom of the lake at the dam (current lake level of 3597.4 minus lake depth at dam of 465.4).
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    at about 10:50 in this video shows how much they dug out to get to bed rock from original river bed.
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    That video is great! I watched the entire thing, totally nerded out on it. Love the 1950's and 60's trucks.
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    I will be at the lake starting next Friday and will be staying in the Rincon area near the floating rest room and ice berg canyon. With the increase in water elevation can any one tell me about how high the level has risen on the shore line?
  8. Trix

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    Sorry, I don't understand the intent of your question, so others may be confused too. If you are interested in the vertical rise in the water level from another specific date, click on the Lake Powell Water Database on WW's message board home page and you can compare current elevation to previous years or retrieve data for any specific date. Water already rising almost half a foot a day, much earlier than 10 previous years.
  9. VanillaIceCream

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    Where did you get that data?

  10. VanillaIceCream

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    Vertical rise is listed in Lake Powell Water data Base..but 3" vertical rise is different on a sloped shore. The water may move 2'-4' up the shallow shore with a 3" vertical rise in water.

    This is how houseboats get stuck on the beach in the late summer..water goes down an inch but retreats 2 feet. Stay a few days and your really stuck.

    You can make a water line with rocks along the shore when you set up camp, you'll be surprised how much the water line moves in a day.

    Does this help answer your question?
  11. Bigcat1612

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    Yes that helps. I'm trying to see if my normal camping spot for our group and houseboat will still be an option. The lake is up almost 9' from last year, so I'm guessing the shore line has moved up approx 20 to 25' on an 30 degree shore incline.
  12. Trix

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    Click on the Lake Powell Water Database under Useful Links on the home page. Near the top of that page, the depth of the water at the dam is displayed. I have no idea where David, the LPWD administrator, got his bottom of lake elevation, but obviously subtracting the lake depth from the current elevation yields his bottom of lake elevation.
  13. VanillaIceCream

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