Warm Creek Bay today, singles at 40ft over structure in 80ft to 120ft of w. Anchovies. No boils, few slurps. Pretty much had the place to ourselves.

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2023 FSH 195 Sport, I took off the flat biller phone booth and added an 8" bimini, 9"helix on the console,
7" helix on the bow, 24v Terrova with a 24v nextgen lithium. Complete set it up for me:)

Canyon Lake AZ.boat.jpg
I have been looking at the yamaha boats and was really considering the AR220 (my wife is adamant about the water sports), but I worry about the loss of power at elevation (I spend a considerable time boating at elevations over 5000'). With the motor in that boat, are you getting the HPs that the motor is supposed to get? The AR220 has twin TR-1 HO engines, but I worry with a full tank of gas (70 gallon tank), a load of people and gear that the loss of HPs at my elevation will make the boat unable to perform to expectations.
1 rompin stompin let the squirrels loose Yamaha 250hp Supercharged svho 4 cylinder,
imo the boat is designed around 30mph, 6000 rpm @2.9 mpg. premium gas.
We did a scenic shakedown to get me back to driving the Powell groove, Stateline to the dam, dam up to Navajo, deep into Navajo and a few side excursions, then up to Warm Creek Bay, back to the ramp, burned 21 gallons. instrumentation sez 2.8 mpg. Boat handles the channel decent between 28 and 32 mph. I don't have top speed data, motor is only at 20hrs.
We have a place in the Far east valley at the bottom corner of the Tonto so we winter boat on the Desert lakes 1300 ft and Roosevelt at 2500 so messin with the impeller to gain top speed at altitude isn't an immediate project. my hole shots are great all the way to 35 then cruise at 30 on Powell.
It came down to a Ranger Reata or this Yamaha, my savings account is happy with the Yamaha. this boat fits the bill for us somewhere between a glitter boat and a toon.
Ima retired helicopter mechanic so the quirky jet thing is intriguing (a straight shaft thru hull and no gearbox:).
Not in any way a product expert on Yamahas, there is a fella around here that has the twin tr1's in his 210 fsh sport, he's been having success with after market impellers for speed, not sure how to answer the "power" question...
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