Warm Creek 12-5-16

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    Went to Warm Creek today to find some stripers. I started early enough to see the amazing sunrise on a seasonally warm calm day. sr12516.jpg

    Reports of striper schools in the back of the canyon at water depth of 50 feet. We found one school willing to chase our spoons and caught nine on the first drift. When we drifted too shallow and tried to relocate these fish the school got away from us.

    Next we went further back in the canyon where we could see into Crosby Canyon we found a school that was still at 40 feet but it was much larger than the first school. The mark on the graph was 10 feet off the bottom and a long horizontal line of fish.


    We found half of these fish to be healthy and half thin, but they all would hit our spoons. We caught most of these fish on spoons but some were caught trolling. We ended up with 31 stripers.

    There was one consistent distraction that interrupted fishing. The calm seas and great reflections made it hard to concentrate on fishing. If you go, look for this shoreline on the east side of Warm Creek where water depth is 40-50 feet.

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    Thanks Wayne. Nice report.
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    Time to break out my wetsuit and go skiing (away from the fisherman's area)
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    We fished the same area yesterday ( 12- 15 ) with the same good results.

    Thanks for the report!
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