Want to explore Navajo Land? Here’s what you can do in Utah

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A houseboat sits in the green water and high orange cliffs of Lake Powell. The dramatic curves of Reflection Canyon show the path the river once took before Lake Powell.

Destination: Navajo Land, Utah
Want to explore Navajo Land? Here’s what you can do in Utah
Alysa Landry • September 1, 2017
The Utah portion of the Navajo Nation is among the most remote areas in the country, with many communities located more than 100 miles from the nearest amenities. But the strip of Navajo land in southeastern Utah also contains some of the most ruggedly beautiful and iconically Western vistas in the world. From the sandstone cliffs surrounding Lake Powell to the towering rock formations of Monument Valley, this isolated area has much to offer for visitors who don’t mind journeying off the beaten path.

If you’ve always wanted to be in four places at once, start your trip at Four Corners Monument, the only place in the country where four states meet. For an admission fee of $5 per person, visitors can sit, stand, lie down or even do acrobatics in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah simultaneously.


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The only place you can be in four places at once.
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