Walleye techniques in Good Hope Bay

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wayne gustaveson

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Its getting closer. We launch for GHB on Tuesday with the intent of tagging as many walleye as possible. Thanks for today's report on walleye fishing in Good Hope.

I want to get as much information on fishing walleye in the springtime in the northern lake before I go. If you have some info please share it here.

What are the best lures/techniques for you?

Best habitat?

Time of day?

Specific locations?

Other helpful information?

If you give me your best spot I might be able to tag a walleye and leave it right there for your fishing pleasure.


a 1/4 oz jighead with a 4" yamamato single tail , various colors for spring I like chartreuse or white. In the mouth of most canyons there are rock piles(Moki) last year in the spring we pulled 25 of them off of one rock pile.
IMG_20170415_201821796_HDR.jpg 4" gulp minnows on an 1/8 oz. Jig head thrown up to the structure then worked back SLOWLY just off the bottom. Caught 40 or so walleye last weekend doing this.

Popcorn canyon area and around the bathroom was good. Fishing the south side walls of the main channel was key for the eyes.

When you catch one or two in a particular section of a wall motor back up and drift through it again there are usually a bunch of fish stacked together.
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Thanks for that report. It s very encouraging as we really have to get fish in GHB or closer to the inflow. Did you use night crawlers or just Gulps.. What color and size?
No crawler. 4" size. The best colors are rainbow or black shad did catch a few on firetiger. Just cast out let the minnow nearly hit bottom give it a lift then let it kind of glide/swim toward you as it falls back toward the bottom if you feel any little bump or slight tic set the hook the bite is pretty light.
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