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Walleye and green lights

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Dr. Love

We spent Wednesday-Monday on a houseboat around Bullfrog and Moki. We put the green light off the back of the boat several nights and attracted 1" shad, lots of stripers and plenty of walleye. The stripers were easy to catch using anchovies or striper filet. However the walleye were picky. We caught some small walleye on a night-crawlers but the bigger walleye would not eat anything except the shad. Did not have any gulp minnows. Does anyone have any recommendation about what we should have tried?

wayne gustaveson

Staff member
Feed the walleye what they want. If shad are visible under the green light they can be snagged with a spoon and big hook. Its also possible to use a net to capture them. My best suggestion is to use a 10 feet seine (legal size) in the day time and then use the captured shad under the lights to catch walleye.
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