Wahweap or bullfrog kayaking first week of April

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Roman G, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Roman G

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    Hey guys,

    I'm debating if I should stick to taking off from wahweap/lone rock launch or if its worth to cannonball directly to bullfrog. I know bullfrog marina side of the lake sees warmer tempts earlier in the year than wahweap but its a solid 5 hours and change drive vs 2 hours (leaving from Zion)

    I'll be renting a kayak and camping on the lake for a few days (not on the lone rock beach but maybe more isolated in the back of the bays somewhere). I'm wondering if fishing is generally good first week of April in Wahweap/Lone Rock or its worth heading up to bullfrog and spend extra 6 hours than if I was to go to Page to rent a kayak. I'll be fishing mostly for LMB and SMB with whatever else thrown in. I'll keep an eye on the reports as well.

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  2. Ryan

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    We usually head up to GHB for fishing, but we have caught some SMB around Bullfrog. There is a very small "canyon" behind the gas docks that can be productive. And I have seen reports from around Stanton that have sounded promising.

    I would bet the consensus would be to drive up to the road into GHB. No idea how much travel time that would add to your trip though.
  3. birdsnest

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    Wherever you go, Keep a good eye on the wind. I have plucked several people out of the lake in kayaks that were exhausted. Luckily all we're still in their kayaks. I'm sure you already know that but when it happens it can be scary.
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  4. wayne gustaveson

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    Water temperature this morning was 56 degrees. Lake is warming and bass fishing will be good (perhaps great) the first week of April. You can catch lots of bass in Wahweap Bay near Castle Rock. There are more fish in Warm Creek. If the early spring weather holds there may be spawning bass on beds making sight fishing possible.

    Its your choice to go uplake or spend the extra 4 hours paddling to a decent fishing spot. There are lots of bass spots in the southern lake.
  5. tt600

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    If you are adventurous stand by the boat ramp with a $100 and hitch a ride up or down lake. One way trips are much more fun. Plus on the ride you can decide your route back.
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  6. birdsnest

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    What a great idea, hitching a ride. If you really want you moneys worth, let the boat pull you up lake. Don't know what the speed record is for a kayak but you you may have a shot at it. Might even start a new sport. HaHa
  7. Powelldreamer

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    Heck if I am going up lake I would take you for $20 :)