Wahweap Marina to Last Chance Bay September 26th

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Bill Sampson

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I took a group of 5 people, including myself, up to Last Chance on Monday of this week. My boat is a 1992 Mastercraft Pro Star 190, which does not do well in rough water. I had myself and Powellglass on board, along with 3 rookies. We launched from Wahweap at 9:00 AM which was too late for this type of trip.
I was surprised how busy the lake was for late September. Going through the Maytag Straights was not fun due to boats and some wind. We stopped at the floating restroom for a few minutes to allow my back to recover, then made it up to Last Chance Bay. Further back in the bay if was less busy, and we had lunch and paid our respects to a longtime good friend. On the return trip I tried to boat down Navajo Canyon, but the wind did not make it fun.
We then stopped at Antelope Point Marina to walk around, shop, and observe how busy they still are.
Our final destination was to the dam for a Kodak moment and be in the shade for a few minutes. There was one surf boat there, which made it challenging for all. They were there first, so I cannot say anything negative about them.
Powellglass asked if I would consider doing the trip in the future, and I told her not with this type of boat. If my timeshare week ever sells at Laketime, I will probably begin looking for a deep V lake boat with a cuddy cabin that is trailerable, but until then....
The lake looked beautiful as always, but driving the boat kept me from enjoying it as much.
Powellglass will be posting some pictures, but taking them was not easy in the bumpy conditions.
Thank you Rivergoer for your info and map to guide us to location of floating restroom. Much appreciated. It was clean and maintained and a needed break from the rough water in going up lake late morning which was a first for us. Always passed through this area in a houseboat. It’s been done before going one way in a ski boat but that’s when starting at sunrise. As Bill said I have a few pictures but not too many from that uplake adventure. Best pictures were from the next morning when we were out earlier and just looking around from Lone Rock beach area to Wahweap docks. It was just too late in the day on our way back from Last Chance Bay the day before to go to the end of Navajo Canyon. I also wanted to explore more towards back of Last Chance, but it would be a long trip back through tough water and gotta be safe with fuel planning. I just can’t get enough though of being out there. A few pictures to follow
I have made that trip to Last Chance and Rock Creek many times, including rough water and nasty weather. I have two older brothers in their early 80's and it beat their backs up pretty bad, even though I have a deep water Ranger VX1788, so I replaced my standard 'suspension shock absorber' pedestals with Wave Pros. Wow, what a difference! They are expensive, but they're worth it. My brothers rave about the ride even in rough water.
Just a few pictures ... glad we found floating restroom, bumpy ride to Last Chance so only a few photos, next day looking at Lone Rock Beach by Wahweap as well as inside the slips area. Seeing the water elevation drop since last summer at the ramp used in July last year was an eye opener


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