Wahweap Fishing Report 03/02 - 03/05

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Launched from Wahweap Fri 03/02/2018:
Cold morning and took a while to locate striper schools. No luck near the dam area but found fish sitting right on the bottom at 65-80' deep in Warm Creek Bay, near the floating bathroom (the ladies appreciate that)
We did troll up a smallie near the dam in 30' of water while trying to locate a school of stripers

Wahweap 03/03/2018:
Warm Creek Bay success again. School of fish sitting on the bottom. Spoons were not very effective from Fri so bought anchovies and used anchovies attached to spoons. Eventually just switched to weighted jig head and anchovie for the fastest action. Stripers seemed to react to the anchovie during the fall of the anchovie or a VERY slow real up after hitting the bottom.

Wahweap 03/04/2018:
Nasty wind ALL day. Tried fishing dock at Wahweap just because we had not tried it. Caught one striper before the wind and cold drove us away

Wahweap 03/05/2018:
Amazingly beautiful day and Wark Creek Bay again. Very willing stripers at the same 65-80' deep on anchovies with weighted jig head and either slow decent or slow retrieve off the bottom.
Once a striper was caught it activated the fish and it was quick action. It died off quickly until someone could slow reel a fish into temptation once again.

So, in summation: great trip as usual to Powell. Stripers sitting right on the bottom and once located could easily be caught with weighted jig head and anchovies. Slow decent usually hooked them up, otherwise hit the bottom and reel as slow as humanly possible and they will take it. The bite was soft, like catfish almost but they fought hard once you set the hook
Hope this is useful for the readers on the site


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wayne gustaveson

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Thanks for sharing your report. Great Job! Your description validates the things I have found in the same area but I have not used bait. Now I know bait works and should try it. For those that use bait: If you can't find fish at the dam (my report is skeptical) then try Lone Rock area and Warm Creek beyond the restroom for stripers on the bottom.
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