Wahweap fishing dock 7/23-26

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Shad were being eaten by fish under the lights in Wahweap this last week. It was fun to watch. Underneath those feeding fish; stripers would attack my small jig on 4lb. fluorocarbon leader with a very small piece of anchovy every time I lowered the bait. Mostly small under 12".
Tuesday the 23rd we arrived late evening. I had never fished the fishing dock but noticed several others there. After dark I went over and watched fish feed under the light on the inside corner. Those fish never took my jig. But if I lowered it down to just out of sight, small stripers would attack it. About half the time I could set the hook and land one. Other anglers were catching a few larger fish fishing on the outsides. These descriptions only make total sense if you have been there or seen good photos.
The next morning I arrived before sun up and hooked a few more fish. By sun up the bite slowed. That night was a repeat of a bite every time the bait sank.
Thursday we took a boat ride to the dam. We saw several slurps and anglers chasing those on our way. At the dam there were constant slurps on the other side of the barrier. This was about 9 AM.
Thursday night one angler at the dock was having great success catching catfish. I continued to enjoy the small striper bite. I shared my pole with younger anglers whenever a large striper managed to find my bait. Two broke the line though.
Several thoughts I will share: have a plan to get out of the water if you fall in. Friday one angler ended up in the water and struggled to get out due to the height of the dock. He had to work over to a boat and get assistance climbing onto its swim deck. By then he was completely exhausted. On the inside of the fishing dock there is a ladder. Maybe there is one on the outside but I could not see it in the dark if there is. Next consider bringing a pole with light gear to enjoy the smaller stripers. Be ready to catch larger fish perhaps with larger tackle.
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