Visiting L. Powell - hard to rent a boat. Can anyone take 4-person family for 4 hrs June 14 2019?

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Hi guys, this place was recommended by a friend from the area who happens to be busy that time of the year and can't. I am visiting from Canada on June 14 2019.

Is anyone able/interested in taking a well-behaving family of 4 for 4 hrs total to Padre Bay? One 1hr to get there (stop here and there), 2 hrs anchor the boat for a swim in Padre bay area, 1 hr come back. I'll pay for the time plus gas. All guests above 12 yrs of age, plus an adult 40 yrs old.

Easy time for you, huge relief for us... Rental says they cannot guarantee anything (half day rentals) so screw them. How can one plan a trip if they "can't" guarantee it....

I'd prefer some decent small bowrider but if nothing's available even a fishing boat will do. Doesn't matter really as long as it goes.
We have a rental company here in Hanksville and you may want to give them a call. They have one boat for rent and don't know the policy but sometimes the small guys can be more accommodating. It's Hanksville Tours and Rentals and their number is 435-542-1005
It is 66 miles from the lake so it's not really that far. But after Hanksville, the next rental company is over 180 miles from the lake, but they will also launch and retrieve for a fee. $$$
But to put it into perspective, from Hanksville, the nearest Wal-mart or Hospital is 120 miles away one way. So us people down here, 66 miles is actually pretty close. haha
The boat they have, a half ton truck or SUV could pull it. Maybe if you could borrow a vehicle to make it work?
Sorry it won't work out for ya. Thought that may be your best option for a rental.
Good luck
Padre Bay & Hanksville are not even close, even if you could make it work. Padre Bay is on the south end of the lake, and you would need to rent from someone on the Arizona side, Page or Big Water. Have you tried both Aramark (Lake Powell resorts) & Antelope point marina for a rental? I think both also offer tours boats but that won’t allow any time in the water. Antelope Point rents kayaks, you won’t see as much of the lake, but it would allow you to stop and play at your leisure
I'll admit I did overlook the Padre Bay in the original post. But personally, I would make my plans flexible to visit Lake Powell to accommodate being able to rent a boat.
If the choice must be limited to Padre Bay, then yes, choices are VERY limited.
I do hope you find something Yogi. Have fun at the lake and be safe!

I am in the wrong state that weekend, so am very sorry I cannot take your crew for a ride. It would have been a real pleasure!
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