Verizon Cell Service @ Bullfrog


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This past week at Bullfrog we had solid “No Service” showing on our cell phones in the Bullfrog slips for the first time ever. The wi-Fi was also limited (more so than usual) - but it was possible to connect next to the Dock n Stock store to retrieve emails and access the internet. We have always had decent cell service in the slips - even if it was sometimes intermittently unreliable. This time it was totally unavailable. We also have a wi-Fi extender installed on a nearby dock pole - so the wi-Fi has also been accessible for the most part. When we asked Exec Services what had caused the degradation of the Wi-Fi and cell service, the response was that “Verizon refused to renew the contract” - presumably for the cell tower. When you leave the slip area, you pick up the signal near the gas station - so this makes absolutely no sense. Just wanted to make everyone aware that if you have Verizon as your cell provider - don’t plan on having any service regardless of whether you have had it in the past. Depending on your situation - this could be both a blessing and a curse. . .
I’m not with Verizon but cell coverage on my last trip was non existent. I wonder if I used to roam on Verizon because the only way I could do anything was near the slips and I could get Wi-Fi there. I had no service anywhere including the camp ground. Worst ever since cell phones became available down there. ☹️